Going Social Media Free!


The very words that haunt most peoples dreams now a days.

We now live in a society where a mobile phone is no longer an object but an extra limb. Everyday I look around me and 9 out of 10 people that I see are glued to their phones. I’m pretty sure that most people who are reading this will have been in a situation where they are having a conversation with someone but the other person is playing with their phone whilst ‘listening’ to you. Even worse I bet some of you have been the person playing on their phone…I know I sure have. But in reality how sad is that! We have a real human being sat in front of us yet we are more interested in the virtual world of our phones.

As you will know from some of my previous posts I am in the process of overcoming a very dark period and you know what I’m just going to say it…social media sucks!!! Although no one is actually meant to say this we spend our time obsessing over celebrity Instagram’s, finding the perfect lighting for a snap chat selfie and stalking our exs….everyone does it so no point denying it. But everyone believes what they see on social media, that those insta celebs look like that 24/7, that fitness models are eating rice and chicken all of the time (pizza is life) and that you are over your ex when you caption your  selfie with a sassy quote (ok no one actually believes that one).

The amount of times I sat scrolling through Instagram looking at these girls who look amazing in their pictures and I’m thinking gosh I wish I was here, a guy is only ever going to find me attractive if I look like that..blah blah blah. THATS NOT HEALTHY!!!! The amount of times I sat checking and rechecking to see if the guy I like has opened my message on Facebook…its so mentally draining! And the amount of times I see pictures of my friends doing things at home and it makes me feel like I’m missing so much…serious fomo (fear of missing out) going on in Japan.

So I’ve done the unimaginable! As a social experiment I’ve switched my phone off and do not carry it with me. My tablet only has messenger installed if people (e.g. mother duck) need to get a hold of me in an emergency but 99% of the time that will be switched off or have no internet access. Obviously I still have to restrain myself when on my laptop but so far I’m doing well and honestly I’m enjoying it.

Already I am seeing the effects and I have realised how much time I spend on my phone. How many of you go to bed at say 12 but lets be real you don’t actually go to sleep until at least 1am because you’re on your phone scrolling through Facebook. I can already see how I’m more engaged in conversations, I’m now reading articles instead of looking at memes, I have time to read my book and I’m now able to focus more on my classes considering I have finals fast approaching…wish me luck.

I’m not saying I’m going to make this a permanent thing or anything but its an interesting thing to try that I encourage others to try…even if its for a day. Also to anyone that questions that I’m sharing this on Facebook/twitter…I’m able to link my pages to my WordPress account so it automatically shares. Anyway so hopefully this will also motivate me to write more as I’m seriously slacking. If anyone else has tried going social media free then I would love to hear about your experiences.

Until next time



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