Crossing the worlds busiest crossing…Shibuya!

‘The bold adventurer succeeds the best’ – Ovid

Travelling around a foreign country at night alone – scary or exciting?

Ever had one of those days where you are so in your own head that you don’t want to be around people? Well that was me on the day that I decided to visit the world’s busiest crossing. Shibuya crossing (also known as scramble crossing) can see 2500 people cross during one signal change at rush hour! So you now be asking why you would want to be surrounded by that many people when you just said that you didn’t want to be around people! Well the answer to that one is simple. If you are surrounded by people that you don’t know then you are still alone in a sense because you are alone in your own thoughts, free to do as you please and not have to please anyone else when you aren’t feeling up to it. So for me Shibuya was the perfect escape.

How independent I can be still manages to amaze me, a few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt of going somewhere so unknown on my own but it was exhilarating. I challenge you all to go out on your own and do something you would normally do with someone else…go and get a cup of coffee and sit in the café, go to the cinema and see that film that none of your friends want to see or even go to lunch, order your favourite and sit there with your favourite book, just go and be free. Something that I have learnt growing up and I think has made me the person that I am is that even if you are alone it doesn’t mean that you are lonely.

Okay so take a minute now and picture Tokyo! What do you see? Is it the lights, the tall building, the rush? These were all of the things that I pictures and I found them in Shibuya. I walked around with my neck craned and mouth open (which was annoying for all of the people trying to get somewhere). In my trusty Lonely Planet Tokyo guide book it says ‘Perhaps nowhere else says ‘Welcome to Tokyo@ better than this’ and I totally agree because it makes you realise how amazing this place is and makes you want to explore even more.


If you are like me and enjoy people watching then make your way up to the 2nd floor of the Starbucks that is on the corner and if you are lucky enough to get a seat then you will have a prime spot to watch the chaos and beauty.

Some of you may have seen the video that has went viral about being able to travel around the streets of Tokyo in a go kart dressed as characters from Super Mario. Well whilst I was waiting at the crossing I was lucky enough to spot them as they revved their engines to pull off the green light…I even got a wave from Luigi. If you want to take part in this unique experience then you need to hold an International Drivers Licence which you will need to get in advance. All the fun of the game without the banana slips. For more information head to the website.

Whilst here make sure to visit all of the shops as I managed to stumble upon some of the most amazing stores that I have ever seen. The first store that I happened to walk into was 7 floors of heaven starting with Mac makeup all the way through to Christian Louboutin Shoes and bags. There was a side for men and a side for women that was separated by a bridge on each floor and the views from the bridge are incredible themselves.

I managed to get some videos of the Shibuya crossing and of the Mario Go Karting which I have uploaded onto YouTube so if you have a spare 30 seconds then go ahead and follow these links for some cool footage.

Super Mario:

Shibuya crossing:

*If the links do not work then please copy and paste into your search bar (I’m still trying to figure out the links so bear with me).

If there is anything else you want to know then please comment and I shall get back to you. If you are interested in seeing more of my photos from Japan then head to my Instagram page @theworldaccordingtotaz

Until next time



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