Camp America interview tips! 

Be confident –

My weakness is that I’m very shy at first and this showed a lot during my interview. Luckily it was an hour long so during that time I got used to my interviewer and let loose. This allowed me to actually show my potential and that was what I was praised on at the end. I will always remember that at the end of my interview the guy said to me that if I had stayed as shy as I was at the start of then he wouldn’t of passed me. He then put things into perspective by saying if I couldn’t handle an interview the how would I handle a summer full of excited children? This has always stuck with me. Now when I go into intimidating situations I remember that I survived summer camp (best summer ever) and so I can conquer anything.

Be organised –

You will spend a lot of time going over your application and paperwork so make sure that you have everything ready the night before. You need everything printed out – including your full application. Take your passport, DBA check and all other forms that have been filled out. Make sure to keep all of those in a folder and keep it all neat.

Be punctual –

If you can’t make it on time to your interview then how can you be trusted to get your kids to activities on time or to be on time to run your activities? Make sure you get a good nights sleep before the interview and make sure not to consume any alcohol as turning up with a hangover isn’t a good look.

Be prepared for anything –

Your interviewer will ask a lot of questions regarding your application and why you want to do camp. Some of these questions may be totally out of the blue and unexpected but as long as you answer honestly and show you have good intentions then you will be just fine.

* Just remember the most important thing is to be yourself. Let your passion shine through and show that you are prepared for the best summer of your life. Although remember that this is a job and not a holiday! Most of all enjoy the experience!

Until next time



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