Why is meeting new people so scary?

‘Everything you want is one the other side of fear’ – Jack Canfield

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but personally I get so nervous when meeting new people. Over the years I have kind of mastered how to fake confidence but I still get all clammy and stumble over my words. Am I alone in this feeling? I don’t think I am but everyone is different. Over the last two days I have met a lot of new people who I’m going to be living with and studying with and they are all so lovely and I feel so welcomed.

There is always that voice in the back on my mind that worries that I’m going to say something wrong or do something that isn’t deemed socially acceptable and make myself look silly. I have learnt over the years that the best way to approach every situation in life is with a smile on your face as it instantly makes you look like a more approachable person. Also when someone smiles at you it makes you want to smile back at them.

My approach is that if you smile at someone you could be the one person that smiles at them and you could make their day – which I think is a pretty incredible thing for a complete stranger to do. In a world where there is so much hate there is also so much love and it’s always nice to spread that love and just enjoy making other people happy. We live in a society that is so focused on work and earning money to buy all of these nice things when at the end of the day those things won’t make you happy. It’s the people that you meet that make you happy.

With this in mind then why should meeting new people be so scary when you could be opening yourself up to meeting a new best friend or potentially the love of your life?

This was a very short post but I just wanted to share my morning thoughts as I’m still waking up very early over here but slowly getting into a sleep pattern. I’m looking forward to all of the posts that I’m going to have the opportunity to post so stay tuned and in the meantime check out my other posts and social media.

Until next time



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