The wonders of public transport! 

Everyone has had that one time when they are super tired, wanting to get home and relax but there is another passenger that is making the journey unbearable….I’m in that situation now!

Over the years I have been in this situation  many a time and luckily I can look back on some moments and I can laugh! To keep me sane on this journey I’ll give you a run down of my encounters and you can be the judge of how unlucky I am.

* I am currently on a coach home from London with a woman in front of me who has made 4 phone calls so far, has no concept of inside voice and has told the same story everything! This plus a baby ( I know it can’t be helped) who is crying.

* Last week I was on the train home and was sat opposite a man who was talking to his reflection in the window and then started an argument with himself about fascism.

*Last year on the train when I was very ill I was rudely awoken by a man slapping my legs and grunting at me. He then proceeded to sit basically on top of me, elbow me and complain that I was coughing too much.

*On a flight to the states one year I was sat in front of a baby that cried for 11 hours straight. The child in front of me kept touching my feet and to top it all off the guy next to me told me that he had the joker in his head and was doing impressions of the character for the duration of the flight.

*On another flight I was sat next to a child who once he fell asleep on his mothers lap was a bit of a wiggler. He spent most of the flight kicking me in his sleep.

*On a flight to New York as we were coming in for landing (the flight hadn’t landed) the woman next ro me got her phone out and called her drug dealer right there and then. Honestly was in so much shock haha

That being said I have also met some amazing people on flights, trains, buses. These people are the reason that when I board a new mode of transport I will also smile and be very polite. You can learn the most amazing things from the most random people at the most random time but that is the beauty of human interaction.

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Until next time –



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