50 tiny things every 20 something needs to realise!

I read this article this morning when I woke up and it spoke to me a lot and I can relate to many of the points! Thought I would share it with you lovely people and see if it brightens your day!

Also I wanted to share something that I’m sowly starting to realise myself…

Never let someone else full your shine. The people who matter will never try to make you less shiny so that they feel better about themselves. I’ve experienced this so much but I’ve also experienced how amazing it feels when you are surrounded by the people who love you for who you are. Those are the people who let you shine like the diamond you are. Go out today and help someone shine 💎

50 Tiny Things Every 20-Something Needs To Realize

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Why is meeting new people so scary?

‘Everything you want is one the other side of fear’ – Jack Canfield

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but personally I get so nervous when meeting new people. Over the years I have kind of mastered how to fake confidence but I still get all clammy and stumble over my words. Am I alone in this feeling? I don’t think I am but everyone is different. Over the last two days I have met a lot of new people who I’m going to be living with and studying with and they are all so lovely and I feel so welcomed.

There is always that voice in the back on my mind that worries that I’m going to say something wrong or do something that isn’t deemed socially acceptable and make myself look silly. I have learnt over the years that the best way to approach every situation in life is with a smile on your face as it instantly makes you look like a more approachable person. Also when someone smiles at you it makes you want to smile back at them.

My approach is that if you smile at someone you could be the one person that smiles at them and you could make their day – which I think is a pretty incredible thing for a complete stranger to do. In a world where there is so much hate there is also so much love and it’s always nice to spread that love and just enjoy making other people happy. We live in a society that is so focused on work and earning money to buy all of these nice things when at the end of the day those things won’t make you happy. It’s the people that you meet that make you happy.

With this in mind then why should meeting new people be so scary when you could be opening yourself up to meeting a new best friend or potentially the love of your life?

This was a very short post but I just wanted to share my morning thoughts as I’m still waking up very early over here but slowly getting into a sleep pattern. I’m looking forward to all of the posts that I’m going to have the opportunity to post so stay tuned and in the meantime check out my other posts and social media.

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Welcome to Study Abroad

‘Life is short and the world is wide’ – Unknown

After months of planning, filling in applications, going through a huge lengthy process and just all around high stress levels I am finally all settled into my new home in Japan. I officially moved into my dorm room yesterday and it’s lovely. I have a room that is overlooking the railway line which is really cool and we are in an area that seems to be close to everything. Of course my one downside is that my sleep pattern is super messed up and I’m now waking up at 4am haha.

So I left the UK on Wednesday 22nd and flew to Hong Kong and then from the headed onto Tokyo. I flew with Cathay Pacific and I can safely say that I would fly with them again, the service was fantastic, the seats were comfortable and considering the journey was nearly 12 hours it seemed to fly by (excuse the accidental pun). Not going to lie I was nervous about arriving at both airports but I managed to make my way around pretty easily with a little bit of help and pre planning.

On I arrival I made my way to my hotel (Narita Airport Rest House) and stay for the night before heading back to arrivals in the morning to pick up my friend who I’m studying with. At the hotel I was given a kimono for the night which was really nice and so comfy – I’m definitely investing in one whilst I’m out here. In the morning I headed back to arrivals on the free shuttle that the hotel runs and then when I met Morena we brought bus tickets to our accommodation (Airport Limousine Bus  – 3100 yen one way) where we were met by two volunteer students that’s would show us to our accommodation.

Our accommodation right round the corner from Asakadai train station and is really close to the shops. My room is a good size with everything that I need and I was able to unpack fairly quickly. Some of the students who had shown us around the building were able to show us where the shop was and so we were able to pick up the basics that we would need whilst we are out here.

It’s super sunny here but also really cold so my body really isn’t sure what’s going on but oh my it’s good to see some sun haha. Luckily I have really good internet and I have managed to hotspot my laptop so I am able to upload my photos from my phone and update friends and family back home. Speaking of which I always forget how hard it is to say goodbye.

I’m blessed that I have such an amazing relationship with my mum but it makes it so hard to leave. She is my mum, my dad, my best friend, role model and singing partner all rolled into one. I said to myself that I wouldn’t cry but of course I did haha. My mum and one of my best friends are coming out to visit me in May so I’m so lucky to be able to share this experience with them.

I can’t believe I’m finally here and having this experience but I just have this feeling that this is going to have such a huge impact on me that I’m going to throw myself into every aspect on the journey. Make sure to check out my Instagram page @theworldaccordingtotaz for all of my pictures which I shall try to update daily.

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33 and 1/3 reasons there is no place like camp

​This artical by Camp America sums up perfectly why I choose the summer camp life and why I’ll hopefully go back in the future! Heres to my second home! 


Tips for applying to work at a summer camp!

There are many different companies that provide opportunities to work at a summer camp stateside and each have their own different application process. But when it comes down to it the camp directors will all be looking for the same qualities in their future staff and so here is the low down!

Personally I worked with Camp America but I do have friends who have worked with various other companies. These companies were built to help you make the most of your skills and get the job of a lifetime. Just keep in mind that they are there to help you and to make the most of the resources that they provide.

Remember it’s a job and not a holiday –

I know I’m going to sound like a mum when I say this but mine did remind me of this when I was applying for the best summer ever. 3 months in the states sounds like magic and trust me it is, but it is also a challenging full time summer job that requires a lot from you. treat this application as your dream job and everything has to be perfect (lets face it – its the dream job) so make sure to triple check!

Be flexible –

There are many different types of camps in the states from Co-ed to Jewish to YMCA and on top of that every camp will have a different requirement for their start and end date. My first year I wasn’t able to be as flexible with dates as I wanted to be due to my college term times but I was flexible with my choice of camps. I was placed at a YMCA camp in California starting in June until August which was ideal. Remember the more flexible you are then the more camps you are open to and the more chance you have of being hired.

Make it clear how passionate you are –

Passion drives everything in life and that’s what you need to do a job like this. Show passion in every aspect of your application from your skills through to your answers on your written questions. No one can tell you what to write but its important to know how to write it. Make sure all of your grammar and written skills are perfect, get friends and family to check as they will pick up what your tired eyes wont and most of all be yourself, let your personality shine through.

Make sure you show off your skills –

There are so may people that go for these jobs every year and your skills are what sets you apart from the rest. I was hired based on my water sports skills and lifeguarding but every camp will be looking for something different. Make sure to empathise the level of experience that you have had through your skill or hobby and make it work for you. you need to be honest but you are also selling yourself to a future employer.

Make sure that your photos show you in your best light –

Your photos need to show you clearly ( so no group pictures where its a game of guess who is you) and they need to show you performing one of the skills or hobbies that you have included in the application. They need to show you in your element and in a good light. Your photos are what will show you off and act as proof of what you have stated beforehand.

Clean up your social media –

Everyone seems to have some form of social media and it is so important that it shows you in your best light. No future employee wants to check an applicants social media and see photos of drinking, drugs and irresponsible behaviour. Camp directors want someone who is going to be a role model to their campers and inspire them to be the best that they can be. If you wouldn’t want your grandma seeing it then it shouldn’t be on your profile. Make sure that your feeds show you in your best light and include your hobbies and skills in a subtle way.

Make a video that will wow –

I’ll be honest I had no idea what I was doing when I made my video for my application but I muddled my way through. If I was to do it again I would bring in the big guns and ask for help from friends or family that have a bit more of a clue about the whole idea. My video is rough but it is still on YouTube so I shall include a link. Whilst you are at it have a look at other Applicant video for some ideas. Try and make your video stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment or contact me through any of my social media pages as I am more than happy to answer.

My applicant video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWnGKcmsTQ8

(If the link does not appear then please copy and paste the link into your search engine)

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The wonders of public transport! 

Everyone has had that one time when they are super tired, wanting to get home and relax but there is another passenger that is making the journey unbearable….I’m in that situation now!

Over the years I have been in this situation  many a time and luckily I can look back on some moments and I can laugh! To keep me sane on this journey I’ll give you a run down of my encounters and you can be the judge of how unlucky I am.

* I am currently on a coach home from London with a woman in front of me who has made 4 phone calls so far, has no concept of inside voice and has told the same story everything! This plus a baby ( I know it can’t be helped) who is crying.

* Last week I was on the train home and was sat opposite a man who was talking to his reflection in the window and then started an argument with himself about fascism.

*Last year on the train when I was very ill I was rudely awoken by a man slapping my legs and grunting at me. He then proceeded to sit basically on top of me, elbow me and complain that I was coughing too much.

*On a flight to the states one year I was sat in front of a baby that cried for 11 hours straight. The child in front of me kept touching my feet and to top it all off the guy next to me told me that he had the joker in his head and was doing impressions of the character for the duration of the flight.

*On another flight I was sat next to a child who once he fell asleep on his mothers lap was a bit of a wiggler. He spent most of the flight kicking me in his sleep.

*On a flight to New York as we were coming in for landing (the flight hadn’t landed) the woman next ro me got her phone out and called her drug dealer right there and then. Honestly was in so much shock haha

That being said I have also met some amazing people on flights, trains, buses. These people are the reason that when I board a new mode of transport I will also smile and be very polite. You can learn the most amazing things from the most random people at the most random time but that is the beauty of human interaction.

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