When in doubt of where to go…get lost

‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore’ – Andre Gide


When most people think of Milan they think of high end fashion and shopping. Milan is home to one of the most famous shopping streets – Buenos Aires, home to over 350 shops and many brands that we are used to at home. But that’s the thing, with the rate of the euro why would you want to come to a different country and buy the same things as you could at home?

My advice to anyone who ventures to Milan whether it be a day or a week or ever longer is to actually experience the city. When I say that I don’t mean cram all of the tourist attractions in and not really see anything properly. What I mean is to take the scenic route, stop and take pictures, window shop and dream of what your home would look like with that perfect reading chair that you cannot afford. Take the time to stop in the local bakeries and try your first cannoli, trust me they are amazing.

By exploring streets that are completely new to us we stumbled upon a cute little pizzeria called Sabatini’s which is just off of Buenos Aires. The food was fantastic and the staff were very friendly, as it was my birthday they made an extra effort and my waiter sang to me. The staff were very accommodating and their English was very clear which I know can be important for some people and proves very helpful when you are only in an area for a short amount of time. I have included the link to the restaurants trip advisor page.


Although I stand by all that I have said above I do still recommend taking a walk down Buenos Aires Street as I guess its most similar comparison would be England’s Oxford street. All in all just embrace every aspect of the city and love it for all it is.

Until next time




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