Even when you think you are experienced…at travelling!

‘Aww you are just like family…you are beautiful and now cared for’ these were some of the lines that I was told whilst having a piece of string woven around my wrist without consent!


Even the most seasoned traveller will let their guard down at times and I was amongst them. I have dealt with hagglers in the Turkish markets and conmen with monkeys in the square of Marrakesh but I still fell for this one.

I was walking alongside the beautiful, towering castle in the city of Milan trying to put pen to paper when without a moments notice a man comes along and puts these pieces of string around my wrist all whilst talking about the city to me and then as soon as he finished he showed his true colours. He started asking for money, an extortionate amount of money. Luckily I had separated all of my money as I was told to do long ago and with a stern voice I was able to talk him down and get him to leave me alone but I walked away feeling played and a fool.

I am writing this post to make people aware that they need to be mindful around big attractions as may be people trying to sell you items that you don’t want or trick you into situations such as my experience. This is in no way intended to scare anyone as that’s the last thing I want to do. There is no reason to feel intimidated, say no firmly and walk away! On a cheerier note the castle was absolutely incredible and definitely worth the walk which was about 30 minutes from our hotel which was on Buenos Aires Street.

There shall be other posts that follow this one on my trip to Milan so keep an eye out for them and in the meantime have a look around my site and check out my Instagram for pictures.

Until next time



Out of all of the hobbies, why travelling?

People travel for many different reasons whether they be business or personal, but the reality is that everyone comes into contact with travel at some point in their life even at its most basic form.


Looking back I don’t think I can pin point when exactly I discovered my passion for travelling but there are many different reasons why its my one true love. I’m not going to talk to you guys about how it helped me find myself or anything but I am going to tell you why its so important to me.

I spent my childhood growing up in a beautiful but very small seaside town where everyone knows each other and everyone knows each others business. The kind of towns you see on movies where the main character is trying to escape to college or a new path in life. I think my main motivation to travel is simply to escape! Not exactly an escape from reality but an escape from the judgement that I feel from my hometown. Every time you bump into someone from your past they always ask you what you are doing with your life and what do you want to do in the future? At just turned 21 I’ve decided that we don’t always have to have it together and we don’t have to know what we want to do in the future.

Every time I travel to a new place I find something new that I love or meet a new person who inspires me in a unique way. People are never finished growing and I plan on figuring out my life one destination at a time.

In March I am embarking on my next big adventure and shall be studying in Japan as part of my degree. This a huge and scary step but I’m so excited to embrace a new culture and meet new people. For a year and a half university was my escape from my hometown and now Japan is my escape from my escape. Travelling is so freeing as you have more time with less responsibilities and chances to move forward in a positive direction. I always say to everyone I meet – if you have the opportunity to do something that is going to make you grow as person then take it. Embrace it fully and  live for every moment.

Until next time – Tasmin